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The Wine Barrel Chandelier has become a Classic staple of French country interior design. Originally seen in the country homes of Belgium these chandeliers were crafted from actual antique wine barrels. During a recent trip to Bordeaux they were seen in some of the formal dining areas of more than one famous wine makers Chateaux.

Originally constructed from the aged wine barrels they are now faithfully recreated using quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques, we are the leading wine barrel chandelier manufacturer.

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6 arm wine barrel chandelier

Dimensions: 43"h 33"w
Price $2,499 $995

4 arm wine barrel chandelier

Dimensions: 31"h 25"w
Price $1,099 $695

12-arm wine barrel chandelier

Dimensions 60" h, 48" w
Image shown is 8 arm, the 12 arm is the same design with 12 arms

Price $1,795

8-arm wine barrel chandelier

Dimensions: 55"h 42"w
Price $2,799 $1,595

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Our Product
Ceiling Cover Matching carved wood Pressed metal
Mounting System Custom heavy duty Standard connector
Chain Welded c/w rusted finish Black
Iron Work Heavy duty rusted finish Faux paint effect
Finish Natural salvage wood Faux paint effect

All chandeliers include a heavy rusted chain and matching wood ceiling cover plate.

Detailed views of our wine barrel chandelier

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